Genomics Application Platform (GAP) Closing Event

We are pleased to invite you to the closing event of GAP – our imec.icon research project on a Genomics Application Platform – taking place in Leuven on April 25, International DNA Day.

Over the past few years we’ve collaborated in GAP, a funded project that made clinical genomics cost-effective for daily use in a hospital. Project partners UGent, KULeuven, imec and three companies (Western Digital, Bluebee and Agilent) developed the hardware and software platforms to make whole human genome sequencing cost and time efficient, and ready for clinical and societal use.

We strongly feel that International DNA Day is a perfect time to seriously think about genomic medicine for daily use in hospitals. While costs for sequencing are dropping there are still major political, societal, technical and scientific challenges to address before genomic medicine will be a standard clinical practice.

Our event on April 25 features two main parts:

  • The broader strategy needed to make genomic medicine a reality in Europe (Morning session)
  • Scientific and engineering challenges (Afternoon session)

More details in our initial early program here.

Meeting: Introduction to Next generation Sequencing

Meeting: Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing

Are you a biologist, a medical doctor or a bio-engineer interested in learning the basic NGS techniques that will open the door to your own NGS experiment?

The Genomics Core Leuven invites to a workshop on the basics of NGS.

Friday March 29, 2019

morning: Library prep and sequencing  –  afternoon: Bioinformatics

KU Leuven, Campus Gasthuisberg, building O&N1, audit. Pentalfa Campus Gasthuisberg, O&N4

Program of the meeting


questions? mail to [email protected]



Vacancy in Genomics Core Leuven

Trace platform

On November 8, Dr. Els Hermans successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “What does it take to build and manage a PDX platform” (promotors Prof. F. Amant and Prof. J.C. Marine) on Trace, the patient derived tumor xenograft platform of UZ-KU Leuven. Trace ( is today a well established facility that collaborates interdisciplinary with hospitals and research centers across Europe. Congratulations, Els! As Genomics Core we participated to the concretion of this project by providing sequencing services, the SNP ID strategy and the PDTX database.

Bioinformatics Consulting Service

Are you finalizing your PhD and need support on your material and methods chapter regarding NGS analysis? Paper is complete but need NGS data uploaded to a public repository? Do you want to analyze your own NGS data on a computer cluster but do not know where to start? Our Bioinformatics Consultancy Service offers support in those and the following areas:



The Genomics Core Leuven is a knowledge and technology platform that facilitates access to different sequencing technologies and shares expertise in sequence analyses and data processing. It is a collaborative effort from KU Leuven and UZ Leuven for making state-of-the-art technologies, protocols and bioinformatic pipelines available for research and diagnostics. Large infrastructure grants and investment from the university hospitals led to the development of the largest sequencing facility in Belgium. The Genomics Core has multiple lllumina systems and also provides access to PacBio long read technology. Several liquid handling robots are used for automating the sample preparation workflows for different applications. In addition different single cell genomics fluidics pipelines are available: a liquid handling robotic pipeline based on single cell sorting, a custom droplet fluidics system and platform for rare cell isolation (dielectrophoretic cage array microfluidics system).

The Genomics Core Leuven partners within the Universitaire ziekenhuizen KU Leuven to enable the BELAC-accredited breast cancer (BRCA) genetic test as well as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).


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