It is the first time that I will sequence in the Genomics Core. How do I proceed?

I have registered the Principal Investigator and I would like to submit a project. How do I proceed?

I want to submit a project but it’s unclear what I need to fill out in the form

  • We ask about your project details to make sure we do the right thing. However, you may not know some of the details that we ask. Don’t worry! You can add a remark at the bottom of the request mentioning that you are not sure and  contact to detail the procedure.

How much does sequencing cost?

  • The cost of sequencing is dependent on a number of project-specific factors. If you want to get more information on prices for your project, contact the Genomics Core at Please take this into account:
    • Try to specify type of samples, number of samples, requested service with the most technical information possible.
    • If you are unsure of the best type of approach, schedule a meeting with us to discuss your experimental design.

Do I need a VAT number to register as a PI (Principal Investigator)?

  • No, a VAT number is not required at the time of registration. However a VAT number will be required at a later point.

Why haven’t I received the organisation code?

  • We only send the organisation code to the PI/manager of a group. This is to avoid the submission of projects without consent.

Is the order number on the request form mandatory?

  • No, this is not a mandatory fields. Mandatory field are marked with an asterisk.

I did not receive my GC codes. What shall I do?

  • The email containing the GC codes is send to the email address that was submitted during the registration as user. If for some reason you cannot access that email address, please contact  the Genomics Core and we will forward you your GC codes.

Why do I need GC codes?

  • A GC code is used to register and track your sample during processing. It forms a simple way to tag samples and avoids confusion. Samples without GC codes are not accepted at the Genomics Core.

How should I add the GC codes to my samples?

  • Preferably, tubes or plates are labeled with freezer proof printer stickers containing the GC code. If you don’t have these available we accept tubes labeled manually with GC codes in permanent (freezer-proof) marker.

When can I bring in samples?

  • You can ship your samples to our office or deliver them personally. You can find us on UZ Leuven campus Gasthuisberg (follow the bordeaux arrows to the 6th floor and ask for the Genomics Core at the CME reception – see more on how to reach us. We can receive your samples on office hours from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays).

When can I expect my data?

  • We have an average turnaround time of 8 weeks to prep and sequence samples, counting from the reception of the samples at the Genomics Core. If your project requires additional specific data analysis, an additional of 2 to 4 weeks are added (average), unless specified otherwise by the project responsible depending on the specific use case. Ready-made libraries that only require sequencing are processed within 4 weeks of reception at the Genomics Core.

I want my data to get fast priority. Is this possible?

  • Yes. Fast priority have an extra cost. If you need our fast priority service, we assign a dedicated person to your project and sequence the samples by themselves on a priority run. We will be upfront about the extra costs this incurs.

How  do you transfer my data?

  • We organise data management in 2 ways:
    • Silver Tier:
      • We send you a download link containing your data. Please download your data as the link is only valid for 72 hours. After 3 months we remove your data from our servers, so please ensure that you store your data and a backup somewhere safe.
    • Gold Tier:
      • We provision a Google Cloud Bucket for you to use. We still have admin access. This can be useful when you
        • do not have large storage systems available to you (nor the bandwidth to setup / manage one)
        • need a long(er) term storage solution
        • want more flexibility in downloading i.e., select specific data only
      • We bill you for the usage (storage + downloading) on a quarterly basis.
    • More info about these tiers can be found
  • More technical information concerning downloading can be found on

Do you keep a copy of my data?

  • After 3 months we remove your data from our servers, so please ensure that you store your data and a back up somewhere safe! If you are on the Gold Tier plan, the data stays in the bucket for as long as it the bucket policy allows for it.

Can I get my samples back after the project is finished?

  • Any original material that is left and any libraries that have been generated thereof can be picked up from the Genomics Core. Samples will be removed after 3 months of data delivery, unless requested otherwise.

I have read all the FAQ but I still have doubts

  • Contact us at and we will do our best to reply to your inquiries as soon as possible.