RNA sequencing (RNA-seq)

Input requirements:

  • RNA samples with GC code labels
  • Pairwise groups (GC codes) to compare for DE Analysis


  • Raw data: fastq-files
  • Aligned data: BAM-file
  • Counting data data: txt file
  • Differential expression report

How to request this service:

Sample Requirements

  • Illumina TruSeq Stranded. Whole-transcriptome analysis (RNA-Seq) solution for a variety of species and sample types, including human, mouse, and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue.
Criteria Optimal Minimum Maximum
Input material Total RNA: 2 µg mRNA: small RNA/ MiRNA: 1,5 µg Total RNA: 200 ng mRNA: 20 ng  Total RNA: 4 µg mRNA: 800 ng 
Sample volume Total RNA: 20 µL mRNA: 20 µL sRNA/ MiRNA: 5 µL Total RNA: 10 µL mRNA: 10 µL sRNA:  10 µL Total RNA: 50 µL mRNA: 20 µL
OD 260/230 OD 260/280 RIN score +/- 2 +/- 2 > 8 1,5: Additional purification (extra cost) 1,5: Additional purification (extra cost)
  • Lexogen QuantSeq (Gene expression analysis only). The QuantSeq FWD Kit is a library preparation protocol designed to generate Illumina compatible libraries of sequences close to the 3’ end of polyadenylated RNA.
Criteria Optimal Minimum
Input material 1 µg 100 ng
Sample volume 10 µL  5 µL

All samples should be stored and shipped at -80 °C. In case your samples don’t meet the requirements, please contact us at rnaseq@genomicscore.be.

For all projects, please make sure to always schedule a meeting with us before bringing your samples.

To know more about RNA-Seq at Genomics Core Leuven, please visit our RNA-Seq protocols and pipelines section.

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