Are you finalizing your PhD and need support on your material and methods chapter regarding NGS analysis? Paper is complete but need NGS data uploaded to a public repository? Do you want to analyze your own NGS data on a computer cluster but do not know where to start? The Genomics Core Leuven  Bioinformatics Consultancy Service offers support in those and the following areas:

  • Paper and grant writing support
  • Data quality checks
  • Data curation and uploading to public repositories
  • Support on High Performance Computing at the Flemish Super Computer
  • Data transferring
  • NGS data analysis and interpretation: RNA-seq and DNA
  • Custom bioinformatics analysis and planning
  • Access to software for pathway and downstream analysis of RNA-Seq data
  • The consulting service is open to all the academic community in Belgium and abroad.
  • First meeting is free for postdoctoral researchers, master and PhD students, and faculty members of K.U. Leuven and UZ Leuven.

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