Genomics Application Platform (GAP) Closing Event

We are pleased to invite you to the closing event of GAP – our imec.icon research project on a Genomics Application Platform – taking place in Leuven on April 25, International DNA Day.

Over the past few years we’ve collaborated in GAP, a funded project that made clinical genomics cost-effective for daily use in a hospital. Project partners UGent, KULeuven, imec and three companies (Western Digital, Bluebee and Agilent) developed the hardware and software platforms to make whole human genome sequencing cost and time efficient, and ready for clinical and societal use.

We strongly feel that International DNA Day is a perfect time to seriously think about genomic medicine for daily use in hospitals. While costs for sequencing are dropping there are still major political, societal, technical and scientific challenges to address before genomic medicine will be a standard clinical practice.

Our event on April 25 features two main parts:

  • The broader strategy needed to make genomic medicine a reality in Europe (Morning session)
  • Scientific and engineering challenges (Afternoon session)

More details in our initial early program here.