Labcyte Echo 525 Liquid Handler

Labcyte Echo 525 Liquid Handler for low volume transfers

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The Echo acoustic liquid handling technology revolutionizes life sciences by using sound energy to provide highly accurate, fully automated, non-contact dispensing of fluids. By utilizing the unique Dynamic Fluid Analysis™ technology from Labcyte, each Echo system is able to determine fluid composition, fluid height, and the power needed to eject a precise volume of fluid into the destination well. This analysis happens in milliseconds – allowing for precise and accurate transfer of nanoliter (nL) droplets into an inverted microplate. Large volume transfers are achieved by transferring several hundred droplets per second. Transfers can be made from any well to any well, allowing for miniaturization and automation of complex assays to dramatically reduce reagent costs and save precious samples.

The flexibility, speed, accuracy, and precision of the Echo 525 Liquid Handler enable researchers to build assays that are not possible with traditional liquid handlers. The use of acoustic sound energy removes the traditional boundaries of tip and pin tool based liquid handlers.

Key Benefits

  Highly precise and accurate low volume transfers enabling assay miniaturization

  Builds assays 50–100 times faster than traditional liquid handlers giving the lab higher capacity from one instrument

  Suite of Echo Software Applications guide creation of complex protocols for a variety of applications

Eliminates pipetting variances that affect assay success