PromethION – Oxford Nanopore

PromethION is the highest-throughput sequencing device from Oxford Nanopore. This highly-scalable instrument can run multiple flow cells independently and deliver terabases of long-read sequence data in real-time.

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PromethION is a scalable long-read sequencing platform from Oxford Nanopore Technologies with real-time base calling, which works through nanopore sequencing technology. Up to 24 flow cells can be run independently, and dependent on the sample and library types a single flow cell can generate up to 100Gb of data. Similar to the Sequel IIe, this technology is being used worldwide for a variety of projects including direct DNA and RNA sequencing from a variety of sample types and fields.

Technical details

  • Up to 290 Gb per flow cell*: Total device yield up to 7 Tb PromethION 24* and up to 14 Tb PromethION 48* (*Theoretical max output when system is run for 72 hours at 420 bases / second. Outputs may vary according to library type, run conditions, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art basecall accelerators

Suitable applications

  • Larger genomes or projects
  • Population-scale sequencing
  • Highly multiplexed small genomes or targeted regions
  • Whole transcriptomes (direct RNA or cDNA)

Specifications: PromethION 

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