Pulsed-Field DNA Size Selection for Next-Gen Sequencing (100bp – 50kb)


The Blue Pippin facilitates library construction for most popular NGS platforms, and is recommended by Pacific Biosciences, Illumina and Ion Torrent for certain workflows. Utilizing pulsed-field electrophoresis it is an ideal solution for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA up to 50kb. The platform features the ability to collect narrow and even fragment distributions, as well as the flexibility to collect wide ranges of fragments with minimal effort. Target sizes or ranges of sizes are entered in software, and fractions are collected in buffer. Up to 5 samples per gel cassette may be run, with no possibility of cross contamination.

Benefits of the Blue Pippin System

 Saves time and effort compared to manual gel purification
 Sample-to-sample reproducibility streamlines research
 Higher sample quality improves downstream analysis

Pre-Cast Agarose Gel Cassettes

Gel cassettes for DNA selections are available in four agarose concentrations to provide a full range of size selection options between 100bp up to 50kb. For smaller fragment sizes, internal standards may be used for higher accuracy and increased sample capacity (from 4 to 5 samples/cassette). Higher molecular weight fragments require a dedicated lane to run a calibration marker. Run times are as little as 30 minutes up to several hours for very high molecular weight DNA pulsed-field runs. View the BluePippin cassette reference chart to explore the DNA size selection options and run times.

 3% agarose, 100-250bp
 2% agarose, 100-600bp
 1.5% agarose, 250bp – 1.5kb
 0.75% agarose, 1-50kb